Umhlanga Arch: SMG BMW Umhlanga’s new home

The iconic Umhlanga Arch development will be home to SMG BMW Umhlanga.

The inclusion of SMG Umhlanga is a perfect match for the Umhlanga Arch development and affirms Umhlanga Arch’s goal to bring the best in one place and create an extraordinary experience that KwaZulu-Natal has not yet seen before.

Sean McCarthy, Managing Director of SMG, says it has always been their goal to provide customers with the “most incredible experience”. “Whether a customer is purchasing a vehicle or requires aftersales assistance, our ethos has always been to maintain a customer centric approach.”

He says the new SMG Umhlanga dealership, based at the Umhlanga Arch, will revolutionise the motor retail experience in the greater Durban area. “The Umhlanga Arch development will offer our brand a space that will provide an unprecedented feeling of awe, aspiration and a design that will undoubtedly be trend setting.”

Luxury BMWs will be displayed and featured in a new dealership that boasts double volume staircases, giving customers a sense of arrival and creating a truly modernised BMW experience, says McCarthy.

Umhlanga Arch is positioned on the slopes of Umhlanga Ridgeside and is a R1.3 billion, people-centred development, characterised by the iconic sea-facing arch configuration. With residential offerings almost sold out, office space up for grabs and a European-inspired high street, this development is the pinnacle of urban sophistication and a symbol of this exclusive area’s enviable lifestyle.

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