Unveiling the new capsule collection representing field notes from travel.

When we travel, we embrace the unknown, leave preconceptions behind and transcend borders. Immersing in entirely new contexts and cultures with unfaltering curiosity, we learn and grow. At the end of every great journey, new discoveries about the world around us as well as different versions of ourselves, come to light. The latest MINI FASHION initiative to challenge and expand expectations of travel will launch in 2018 under the collection title FIELD NOTES. In partnership with The Woolmark Company, MINI will explore journeys on a mental and emotional level as opposed to a purely physical one. Through the capsule collection that will be unveiled at Pitti Uomo 94, MINI seeks to reimagine travel by seeing it as a state of mind, a gateway to pushing boundaries and allowing the outside world to influence what happens within. Four exciting designers will communicate their personal travel experiences through contemporary fashion pieces made of wool, in celebration of their transformative journey.

“Transcending borders”, a central theme in MINI FASHION’s activities, means more than crossing physical territories. It requires inner, unfamiliar, heightened and sensory experiences that come together in the art of the journey. MINI believes that travelling is more than moving from A to B. It is a journey from one feeling to another, one culture to another, one perspective to another. The designers’ experiences and inspirations, gathered during their journeys, will serve as the starting point of the creative process. MINI will recreate their personal stories and represent the process of transforming them into fashion FOR THE URBAN TRAVELLER. As such, the MINI FASHION FIELD NOTES Capsule Collection is a truly collaborative project.

The designers, most of whom are Woolmark prize alumni, combine creativity and innovation with unpretentiousness in their work. Liam Hodges (UK), Staffonly (China), PH5 (USA), and Rike Feurstein (Germany) will each represent a global city with their daring approaches to creativity, colour and style. Their distinct talents unite with MINI and Woolmark’s common focus on design, quality and innovation, and share their courage in challenging conventions. Following the launch at Pitti Uomo, the collection will go on a world tour organised by MINI and The Woolmark Company, where it will inspire new perspectives through a series of local events.







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