Best BMW Motorrad Days ever!

They came, they saw, they enjoyed the World of BMW Motorrad.

From‚ first-timers‘ to familiar annual visitors, their destination remained the same: the southern Bavarian town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the BMW Motorrad Days 2019. For some, it was a journey made every year since 2001 to reunite with motorcycling friends; for others it was their first sight of the biggest and best BMW motorcycle festival in existence. Whatever the reasons for visiting, they were not disappointed, as the BMW Motorrad community again united – as it does every year on the first weekend in July – to celebrate the joy of simply riding their BMW Motorrad bikes and to participate in the action-packed and fun-filled weekend that takes place every summer for fans of this special motorcycle brand.




R nineT /5 pays homage to a 50-year-old dream machine R 75/5.

It’s hard to believe it’s half a century since BMW Motorrad rolled out its /5 series of dramatic new models. And judging by all the cool /5 photos posted on the brand’s social media channels, there are many dedicated owners out there. So it was with great pleasure that BMW Motorrad Days was able to host the unveiling of the amazing R nineT /5 special model in the main event arena. Judging by the reaction, this all-new beauty could be around for at least another 50 years!




Just let it drift!

New for 2019 was Alex Le Marseillais with his unique Motorcycle Drift Show. We’ve all seen BMW S 1000 RRs speeding around the racetracks of the world in the Superbike World Championship, but what Alex was able to do with his RR in the confined space of the main event arena, was a spectacle to behold – especially the knee-down limbo! Spinning, smoking, drifting – whatever you choose to call it, we hope that he has a really good sponsorship deal with a tyre manufacturer. Check out the photos of the talented Frenchman on the slide!




As high as a kite – but upside down!

Back by popular demand were the freestyle motocross riders who literally stole the show with their breathtaking FMX displays. What these boys can do with a lightweight ‘crosser and a ramp is beyond most of us mere mortals but it was great fun to watch the fearless young riders showboating to the crowds and enjoying some serious ‘air-time’ – without a foam pit in sight! Bravery beyond words is just one way to describe their performances in the main event arena.

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