Team South Africa

The participants in the Int. GS Trophy 2020.

Team South Africa is probably one of the strongest in the field of the Int. GS Trophy. They started to participate back in 2012, scored the second place in the leaderboard in 2014 and took the trophy home two times in a row in 2016 and 2018. That’s why BJ Vosloo (34), Brandon Jason Grimsted (20) and Cobus Theron (28) are very eager to defend the front position in the 2020 edition. BJ Vosloo is an industrial architect and project manager from Cape Town. Brandon Jason Grimsted from Fouriesburg works as a commercial driver and Cobus Theron, who lives in Tulbagh, is a farmer.

BJ Vosloo

What do you expect from the Int. GS Trophy 2020?

Participating in the GS Trophy has been one of my biggest dreams since I got introduced to the concept. Sharing the passion with so many like-minded people, making new lifelong friends and unforgettable memories along the way, experiencing different cultures and landscapes, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and being able to do this on the back of a motorcycle. I expect the Int. GS Trophy 2020 event to challenge myself and my team, but to give me the opportunity to truly take in every meter ridden in an unfamiliar country and spread the joy why each and every rider should not let an opportunity like this pass them by. We only live once; I chose to live it one ride at a time.

What will be your greatest challenge at the Int. GS Trophy 2020?

I believe the greatest challenge will be not to forget to enjoy the moment. The Int. GS Trophy journey is most definitely not easy. It takes hard work, massive determination and an attitude not to forget about your goals set to yourself. You have to be willing to sacrifice some things in life to achieve great things. Every rider that has qualified in the past will know this. Although we all have the same goal in mind, we tend to forget that we’ve all come this far, we won’t stop training, we won’t stop pushing boundaries, but we will also not stop making memories whilst having an incredible amount of fun. Note to self: “Don’t forget to Make Life A Ride.”

Why will your team win the Int. GS Trophy 2020?

We have massive shoes to fill taking the history of Team South Africa in the Int. GS Trophy events referring to 2016 and 2018. As a team we’ve been really privileged to not only have some of the gnarliest terrain ride, but we also have some, if not the best instructors and past Int. GS Trophy Champions at our disposal. We all battle it out individually to be selected as the top three riders of our respective countries, but we immediately after qualifying realised we have an incredibly strong and diverse Team. There’s no “I” in Team, but there is one in “WIN”. We have amazing support back home and we intend to let the “Spirit of GS” guide us in our training, efforts and commitment. The eagerness of the team is what will allow us to bring the trophy home.



Brandon Jason Grimsted

What made you want to learn how to ride a motorbike?

From a young age I have been lucky enough to have parents who have always pushed, supported and motivated me in whatever I pursue, motorbikes included. With my dad being a BMW instructor, he taught me everything I know and was a huge inspiration for me to start my journey as a GS trophy rider.

Complete the sentence: “For me, a week without my motorbike …”

… is a week gone to waste.

What do you expect from the Int. GS Trophy 2020? 

I look forward to completely submerging myself in a new culture and being able to challenge myself and push my skills and abilities to new heights, all whilst exploring the incredibly beautiful and diverse terrain that New Zealand has to offer.



Cobus Theron

What does the “Spirit of GS” mean to you?

A few years ago, it didn’t have the meaning that it does today after getting involved with the trophy and the closer GS community. For me, in the true spirit we share our passion for GS and allow it to take us places new and old and Make Life a Ride!

What made you want to learn how to ride a motorbike?  

As I grew up on a farm, it was a mode of daily transport. I started riding at a young age but always wanted to broaden my horizons. I like the fact that all of your senses are activated while riding.

What will be your greatest challenge at the Int. GS Trophy 2020?

I don’t get the time to ride for eight days straight at home so I will have to pace myself to perform up until the last day.

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