Medi Response Earthquake Search and Rescue

When Turkey and Syria appealed for international aid following the devastating series of earthquakes that took place in the early hours of 6 Feb 2023, the trusted and dedicated Medi Response members did not hesitate to volunteer their time and expertise. As the mobility partners for Medi Response, SMG help to ensure that their teams would be able to respond rapidly to emergency situations around the country. In this case, they took their operation to an international level.

KZN’s very own Bradley Hatfield, Paul Herbst and Leon Fourie were selected by Gift of the Givers to join their humanitarian team. Since arriving in one of the worst affected parts of Turkey our Medi Response members have played a crucial role in the search, rescue and treatment of survivors. The number of casualties has since passed 21,500 and experts say it will continue to rise. Rescuers have not given up hope and are working tirelessly to save as many lives as possible as temperatures in some areas drop to sub-zero.

SMG would like to salute those who have selflessly come together in this time of need, including the Medi Response members who went above and beyond their duties as South African EMTs.

If you would like to support the rescue efforts please click on the link to Gift of the Givers

Together we can make a difference.

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