SMG Cares Contributions to Leliebloem, Lake Haven and Siyajabula Centre: A Commitment to Community

At SMG, we believe in not just setting trends in motor retailing but also in making a

positive impact on the communities we serve. Our recent initiative across various provinces demonstrates our commitment to supporting those in need, ensuring that our actions align with our ethos of premium service and community involvement.

Western Cape: Supporting Leliebloem House

Our Western Cape dealerships have chosen to support Leliebloem House, an organisation with a storied history and a noble mission. Founded in 1868 as a House of Mercy, Leliebloem has evolved into a sanctuary for children from troubled backgrounds. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope, providing care for 60 children. By purchasing items from the charity’s wish list, we ensure that our contributions are both meaningful and practical, directly impacting the lives of these children.

KZN: Empowering Lake Haven Child, Youth Care Centre and Siyajabula Centre

In KZN, our SMG coastal dealerships, collaborated to support Lake Haven Child and Youth Care Centre. Since 1958, this centre has been a haven for over 60 children aged 6-18, who have faced severe challenges such as abandonment and abuse. Our team carefully selected essential items from the centre’s wish list, ensuring that our contribution makes a real difference in the lives of these young individuals.


SMG Toyota Hillcrest & SMG JLR Hillcrest collaborated to donate to Siyajabula Centre. Siyajabula Centre is an orphanage full of love and joy, founded in 1998 in the Madimeni Area in Molweni. Siyajabula is home to many children, some as young as 3 months old. Siyajabula Centre strives to provide a safe home environment for these children by giving shelter, food, clothing, and education, all grounded in strong Christian values. Even though the residents face challenges, the sense of family and happiness is unmistakable.The centre relies on donations and sponsorships from corporations and individuals to survive. The centre currently lacks important facilities to qualify as an official orphanage,meaning they don’t get the financial aid they need to keep running. SMG Toyota Hillcrest & SMG JLR Hillcrest are committed to further helping Siyajabula in the future.

A Legacy of Giving

At SMG, we care about driving change. Through these SMG Cares initiatives, we extend the warm, hospitable nature of our dealerships into the broader community, living up to our vision of enhancing every experience associated with our brand. We invite you to join us in this journey of giving back. Together, we can make a difference, one child, one disadvantaged community at a time.


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