Dynamic Motion Product Range

At SMG we understand that purchasing a car involves more than just selecting the vehicle of your choice.

It’s also about the ownership experience and ensuring the longevity of one of your most prized possessions. That’s why we’ve developed the SMG Dynamic Motion product range, aimed at providing you with a host of superior value-added products.

Speak to one of our trained Finance & Insurance Managers who will gladly help you in selecting the products that best suit your needs.

Features & Benefits

Scratch & Dent

At SMG we are committed to helping you keep your car in tip-top condition. We know you love your car and it’s frustrating when it gets dented and damaged. Scratches and scuffs to the interior of your vehicle are just as frustrating and costly to repair. These little nicks also detract from the value of your car.

With the SMG Scratch & Dent Policy, you can rest assured knowing that the exterior and interior of your vehicle will be covered.

Tyre & Rim Warranty

Potholes, road debris and cracks are just some of the daily hazards we face while driving. No matter how careful or vigilant you are, you can’t entirely avoid the risk of tyre damage. Adding to the frustration of a damaged tyre or rim is the inconvenience and costly exercise of having them replaced or repaired!

The SMG Tyre & Rim Warranty provides cover for your vehicle’s tyres and rims for two years and it doesn’t have a kilometre restriction, giving you peace of mind in knowing that you won’t be out of pocket when your tyres or rims are damaged.

Credit Shortfall

There is nothing worse than being left with a financial shortfall after your vehicle was stolen, and not recovered, or involved in an accident and written off. Even with the best comprehensive insurance cover in place, you may still be liable for some outstanding debt to the finance provider.

Maintenance Plan

Keeping your vehicle immaculate is part of the ownership experience. At SMG we’re committed to ensuring that your car is maintained to the very best standards, and that’s why we offer the SMG Maintenance Plan. The SMG Maintenance Plan provides cover for routine scheduled services, as well as, specified wear and tear parts and labour costs.

Mechanical Warranty

In life, nothing is certain, and this is especially true in the event of a mechanical breakdown. It can happen at any time and usually when you least expect it. Linked with this is typically the hassle of having to pay for the call out fees and towing costs associated with the breakdown.

With the innovative range of SMG warranty products, you can travel across South Africa knowing that you won’t be caught off guard (or out of pocket) with a mechanical breakdown.

Power-Up Service Plan

Service Plans take care of regular service intervals, but what about those standard wear and tear items that aren’t covered? Keeping these in good working condition is just as important as servicing your vehicle at regular intervals.

The SMG Power-Up Service Plan takes care of these wear and tear items – brake pads, brake discs, wiper blades and batteries – as part of your regular service schedule.

Power-Up Warranty

The SMG Power-Up Warranty provides additional cover for the gap between your major warranty claim amount, and the amount listed in the ‘Claims Limits’ section of your underlying mechanical warranty. The product also provides limited cover for components that are specifically excluded from your underlying warranty.

The SMG Power-Up Warranty enables you to get as close to comprehensive cover for mechanical breakdown failures when the original manufacturer’s factory warranty no longer covers your vehicle.

Service Plan

Enjoy owning a vehicle, but frustrated at the thought of the servicing costs?

With the SMG Service Plan, you can rest assured knowing that all your future routine services, as prescribed by the manufacturer, will be taken care of and that you will not be impacted, or left out of pocket, by increasing labour and parts costs.

All SMG Products are underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, FSP License No 75.

Administered by Innovation FSP (Pt y) Ltd, FSP Licence No. 21468. IDA is the Financial Ser vice Provider for all SMG Short Term Insurance Products, FSP License No. 28260. Comprehensive insurance quotes are provided by Insurance Supermarket, an authorised Financial Service Provider, FSP Licence No 43986.

This brochure is only a guide. Before you purchase a policy, reference must be made to the actual Policy Wording so that you can read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the product that you are purchasing. To obtain a copy of the Policy Wording speak to a SMG Finance and Insurance Manager. All quoted Limits of Liability are inclusive of Value-Added Tax.

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